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home opener monday night show down against the pits burl steelers you catch on our sister station tomorrow night. my 20. starting at 8:00. and -- monday night pre see game. that's pretty ebb citing. also during sports extra story of inspirational teenager i got chance meet he got chance to meet. all right. i know going wish kid, too at the that will lot of fun. those are always great coming up lock what hot box office this wine en. you can hear from sun ofman inspire movie butler.
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according to time put your smart phone down. british research sear constant time spent look the your smart phone bad for your vision.
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study shows people hold their cell eight inch away which twice close as magazine. so because of that they believe it actually cause people to be more nearsighted and less far sided. in fact, there land 35% increase in near sidedness since the launch the smart phones in 199. >> your eyes capable of taking that strains but just for how long can they take that strain so what eye tries to do we feel some times becomes more nearsighted so hard for you see far away and easier read uptake break after about 340eu7bs reading take 0-second break. look far away. blink 0 times and then come back to reading so your foe can you not up close all of the type. >> it has been among children and young adumbs. here something consider next time you have to buy someone wedding gift. it may not be necessary to put that much thought into it. it is true. they whopping 82% newlyweds admit to selling their wedding gift oz line.
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they have been embarad gift they given. 0% say expect their gifts will unused returned or even sold. speaking weddings check out way one guy in chicago decided pop the question: dan cook parachuted into on to a pwaoefrpbgs before then asking his girl friend to marry him. after three months of planning on his part, as you can tell she said yes and even managed to big chart drawn in sky. now that romantic. that's romantic! he can have little plane going through like harrow! >> yes. and camera done think pressure on for her say, yes. wedding gifts. muir green not tell. >> i will not tell but we were joint news room that if crystal, had been flew daily i won say brand i like those crystal. right. i know. well, and then we were talking about regifting too. i got box regifted with card from the other couple.
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that's ultimate insult! i am tell you involvment grew do the be careful. >> let's talk about this right here. weather. weather. and i say this kind of check. >> that's always work. >> yes. i didn't thraoel people were reselling stuff. i thinking it kind of high. i don't know. i don't know we were talking about. what i toll her not to say. i am so embarrassed just sole piece gift we got on ebay. we did. we did. it was you know then put money towards something that we use all of time we think about that person all of the time but, i will never say what it was! >> i am turning red! >> it is okay! it is okay! >> it has been 10 years. i bet whoever you gave that gift glad you put to good use. even if it was sell it. you got do what you go to do and i got several piece fruit cake sufficient you are talking about.
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i really lover it. today, would had kind of mixed back out there. here dc not feel like august day we had lot of clouds. we had some very light rain and that's certainly did a number on our temperatures. only coming in low and mid 70s good 10 to 15 degrees for many areas below average in and on a in some cases, more than that. average 87 degrees. but, heat coming back temperatures above average as matter of fact. are in forecast tore later this week. but not tomorrow. and maybe that's good thing since so many kids are going back to school continue including in win chester remember vir. city school are going back. berkeley county west virginia. dave anderson reminded of that on facebook we know that fredrick printed george county also going back tomorrow. our temperature tomorrow at warmer than today. this was our temperature. quite unusual in mid atlantic but i want god see high temperature today across rest of the country. because there no short pbl heat and that will be make run back at us. for those of you feel like just a little bit too earlier going back to school.
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for monday though our temperature about 81 degree. mix of clouds and sun probably hiv tkwrer on cloud. and shower or even thunderstorm can't be rule out. although think the gull it may lots of sunshine and temperature about 87 degrees but it will definitely feel like august. >> look across region at this hour. down 61 degree fredrick. moment everybody in 60s leonard town 64 humidity at showing us due points in low 60s and so when those temperature get down closer to due points it we get some breaks in clouds, that's recipe forring to: some areas of to be will be forecast. especially where you might have had built more significant rain some places only had very small amounts. we have chased most of rain out of here clouds remain and few light showers sprinkle out through western maryland. there definitely more moisture this is all right work its way you up is it i think some of that could be near by in
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morning. although, probably south of the d.c.. some of this has been tropical connection two and over for george george. bam in west papantonio of floor florida going on. with our future cap. showing lot of clouds around for or sunday night. and by 9:00 morning notice that if we do see some showers i think there mainly south maybe south of fred drinkberg moving through richmond area take this forward again we will keep it chance for shower o storm in forecast but by in large i think most of us aren't going see that we are going see clouds kind of hanging on tight. watch what happens as ge leave shref tomorrow night. begin ceiling clearing skies. and then look like after a little bit morning cloud cover on tuesday we should mainly break out of it. with perhaps spotty shower. down to our south. so more sun for us on tuesday. and but, again we will start
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increasing heat tuesday wednesday thursday and then isolated shower or storm can't be ruled out even in wednesday thursday time frame. for months bus i think mostly dry. we keeping shower storm possible. forecast but think that's mainly afternoon. mainly south of the d.c. enough breaks up 81 degrees tomorrow your planners look like this. 67° at -- by noon about 75. and then by 4:00. 80 degrees with again couple showers possible. mainly south. here how temperature are look around the region tonight. out to fed i can field tomorrow night here forecast. materials rolling into town and we are going see second pre is a is on game for rid
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skins. out temperature 76 degrees. at 8:00. following about 71 degrees by time they wrap it up and very, small shower risk i would be really surprised get anything but you know what? before you head out tomorrow, tune us in at 15z and 6:00 make sure everything got on radar. so instead august coming back check out temperatures. tuesday wednesday thursday we start climbing close to 90 degrees. friday about 88 degrees. so after tomorrow, we have got run of 6 really warm days. more typical of august. just when would thought it was gone. it is back! there all right. >> at the box office. took only top spot 125 million dollars. comedy we are miller centered second for second straight week with 17 million dollars.
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leash shun fell third with just over 1 million and are on out kick ass two and planes. trauma inspired bowman ugreen alan butler. he died back in april of 2010 at the age of 90 his son joined us on fox five morning news talk more about fear life legacy. he was fair was all too mau be he would talk about mr. aoeupbs hour. and because thing would come out. and about little rock he said, he said, he may not have been, you know, fully in line with what was going on but he did his job. and so far as protecting the rights of those young people then. did he his job. as the president. be are about out of time but, in he broad very nice story when your father passed about puntial. and you shared a moment about the first time you saw your dad cry.
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it was after the you know president kennedy had been shot. and, i just got he would were school half day just got home. i am sitting there with in out mom watching this you know we were were coming andrews and they no time that, plane would be arrive aring. back and, my father got he got i got back to work. and he got up and he was footing cot hallway. and just broke they fell up against the wall and broke down. and that was first time i seen my dad cry. you can watch on this you are o web site. click on morning news at the top of the home penal. could you live come
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to camera all your stuff sign i had. well now imagine trying live half size. something called a micro apartment. fox matt king shows what could be growing trend if some part of the country. >> walls have decks closets beds micro apartment on display at the museum of new york city. you can see how light this is. design director just spent night in 3 hundred square foot section of the museum with her girlfriend. >> not scary as you may think
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actually it was fbi you know see them turn lights on. really early this morning. city housing this space two if we build smarter apartments. everything is has use. everything you know, change into something else. nothing in micro apartment exactly what it seems. everything fold or o slides. to reveal something else. this how you reach all of that upper storage. all work is he sleek but she admit space this small, requires neat tenants so have be very, organized. to make it work. that may turn off the shrobz among us but not alan and wendy. would you guys live somewhere that small? >> yes. i know i can. because i can live i am living small space now. and this is even more
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efficient. the mayor stressed need for housing efficiency. nearly half new york single many live along and city already most expense p in america expectations add million residents in next 0 years. something must change. prototypes on display museum new york see it simply provide few multi purpose suggests. this becomes your dining table. fox five news. >> news far from news i'm at 11 starts right now h is fox five news age the 11:00. >> thank you for joining us. we will begin some scary moment in air for passengers on jetblue flight bound from boston to dwi: the plane had to be diverted to philly because of the smoke in cabin. we have been monitoring the developments o then story she join us with very latest. karen? well, at last check 95 tkpwrs
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wait for any lug took be transferred. of no word from jetblue on what caused smoke good news, airline says no one was injured. >> we are looked like once they landed. that's there were some scary moment in air. flight attendants smelled skphoebg inform jetblue passengers there would be an emergency land. plane made rapid decent was met by firetrucks fort lee no one was hurt. we spoke boy phone with one of the passengers. she free-lance photographer, who returning to our area after wedding shoot in boston. >> i could not see it. i heard someone else saying they smelled like rubbery smoke. they opened up doors. and inflate slides came out. and so, some of us we slid down the slides. i saw passenger exit from the wings. of the plane. >> you hate what happens. again jetblue not saying what
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caused the smoke. and cabin flight 827 plane is diverted philadelphia. out of the abundance of caution. >> thank you. we are following breaking news at this hour in maryland. officials are prince george county fire department reporting, a serious accidents here on inner loop belt way. h is in capital heights here live look at the traffic back up you can see there on right hand of your clean we are toll three people were hurt in this accidents. t. involved car and a semi truck. one of victims is a child. we are continuing gather information on situation we will bring you nor information as we get it. sheriff deputies charles county maryland neath public help finding driver who mit man wheelchair. then just left the scene it hand around 11 --. at the intersection of saint charles parkway and saint thomas drive. trying cross the parkway when he was hit. going prints george hospital where said to be stable
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condition. witness say the vehicle that hit him white possible ford truck. it is right headlight was not working after the crash. if you know anything about that core the driver you can being asked to call the police. new edges on virginia where trifle man accused murdering teenager gets underway tomorrow in fair fakes county. he allege he stabbed the 19-year-old to death after convincing her to give him ride to near by hospital. they say tpwaeur see why who high on pcp, killed fall as she took wrong turn and he became enraged. >> where new reports suggest two recent ambulances fires were both accidentstal. according to "washington post" which obtained copies of the report, the fire were likely caused by malfunction or poorly done repairs. but they are not realing out possible of tampering. those reports were con completed before the mayor ordered police to investigation the fire. officials say investigation
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will being it is back to school tomorrow for fredrick and printed george county public schools it also first day on the job for the new printed george county superintendent. the doctor hand picked by county executive baker, he says he has been the superintendent and neighbor is an der county no stranger prince george county after previously serving teacher, principal and administration in the school system. speaking back to school how will weather look when kids head off to bus in morning? we will talk about that. >> think going to good day start back for kid. locally. i don't expect to have any showers around but maybe a little bit of fog. temperature fairly comfortable as well we will get into rest of the forecast details and take a look at the seven day when news edge at 11:00 continues. b about every.
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does feel like kid just got out of cool and here we are telling them about bus stop forecast for first time this summer of 2013. look like good forecast for morning partly mostly cloudy not lot of sun. and could be some areas fog for most part it will be dry. there going to be moisture on move too many but stays south tkf heat will be pomming back. might be hard get them out of door by time we hit tuesday because temperature are going to be feeling more like pool day than school day. tomorrow temperature 81 glee again light has of showers.
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storms primarilily afternoon. mainly south of dc. tuesday temperature look like it will yom of combination full sun we are expecting 87° there could be spotty showers and few spots. south and west of dc on tuesday but i think around here, we are getting back what typical august weather. 87 photograph this time year way below today. and as 74 degrees temperature are in 60s all across region and with that throud cover, we not going to have cool night. we will also again have some areas of fog trying develop especially get some brace overtaste another batch moisture. have to move mid atlantic. so overnight hours and during the day tomorrow. and that's part tropical been pull out of gulf mexico. and continue to rain hard on southeast. so a little of that will passing tpwhraoeu our area. passing dc.
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see for much the day. and break a head to our summer like pattern though rest of the day, it is does look like we will hook up some chance for storms let you know that air ring fallen apair. and, last stop tonight, your fox five act can you weather seven seven day forecast look at it heating up. we will have temperature near 90 for the middle part of week and couple chance for thunderstorms. here and there. so get red deer to hot staff. all right. thank you. time preview of sports extra. we have look's coming? big show awesome moment train camp last week, inspirationally young man got meet rg 3 could you
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don't want to miss that. that's next on sports ca. that does for us fox five news always on have great night everybody. sports extra coming up next.
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welcome fox five sports extra. just days until skeupbts kick off regular season under monte night lights fed ex field tomorrow. pre season warm up plus were
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in spiring story of young man one lifetime opportunity meet rg three. but first let's visit dimon. another great pitching performance waisted franchise low. weeker is stories braves mety much summed up nats just three for five for 36. runners scoring position. and rubber match. this afternoon, series against than. gonzalez on hill. pwraeufrz lead. o second baseman. and another brave marches hope. two-zip. that's all he would allow in 7 innings. top 7 still 2-0. jason worth comes through base hit right centre field. he comes home. cuts deficit in half. >> worth has 10 game hitting straoepbg going on right now. word on first. next bath at the adam full count. strikes out. worth stealing, gunned out at
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second. that's strike them out throw them out inning over. nats left 11 runner on toyed check swing. he win! braves win game and stories. >> pitching very well their bench doing outstanding job they are run different over 100. you know that's you know that's form few la. you know that's what did last year. which we are not doing this year. so you know think have heck of ball club. they are been playing very high level even guys who come in off the been. are playing very well. and that was our strpbts last year, too. then unfortunately we have been able to carry on this year. or old hosting being rees. he tate this one! to left centre field. up two run shot. and his 259 of the year. birds in fronts.
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now bottom of 7. 3-2. bryan roberts with base hit right bunk middle. chris dave comes up to score. followed boy adam jones. roberts seven rb seu. move bottom eight. runner on and we will see you later that two-run shot. it mlb leading 45 home run of the year. davis four hits on day 0s defeat rockies. 3 teams against pats. area why use three 7 draft picks. to go after defensive back and had not been for season ending footage safety philip thomas all three would tkpwebgts tensionive playing time this year. he will start this season. with mix veteran likes, he hopes secondary can soon become position of strength and says, they are in good
11:34 pm
hand firey d.v. coach. and then you know player like that. and everybody different. you know guys i like his style i think into it. he like the players. he works hard he a stand the scheme. and gets most out of those guys. coaching awesome! this what we do! come out we have fun would compete against each other. >> we develop, a brotherhood of men. go through and play games. you find ways to win and that's bottom line. that's just what doe every single day. that's what i do. well red skeupbt second pre season game. come night. home opener gets steelers catch on our sister station, my bb. this regimen right here. chandler look out pam oliver. drilled in side of the dome. he was okay. and

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